What's the hot ticket at this year's Comic-Con?

Last week, a few of my online colleagues and I were discussing movies and Comic-Con (what, did you think we got together shared meatloaf recipes?) and quickly the conversation turned to what movies we, as fans not press, were looking forward to the most. I thought it'd be interesting to share what we were interested the most in and then take a poll of our readers to see what YOU guys were most interested in. Let's get right to it:

Jordan Hoffman of UGO said his Comic-Con excitement is for one particular superhero movie. "If I had to choose just one thing (and this is tough, trust me) it has to be the first footage of Green Lantern. We really know so little about what that movie's gonna look like and it has the potential to be mindblowing."

Kellvin Chavez of Latino Review said his Comic-Con anticipation is also down with the Lantern saying, "I want most to see Green Lantern. I've heard the footage they are showing is f%$king bananas. I'm just a big Green Lantern fan."

Rick Marshall, who's heading up MTV's coverage of Comic-Con is sticking with Marvel saying he wants "to see how much of the Avengers lineup we’ll get to see on-stage, and whether there will be any word on new additions to the cast."

Matt Goldberg of Collider says his Comic-Con thought a little outside of the box and said, "I'm really excited for is finding out which films are going to come out of nowhere and grab everyone's attention."

Don Kaye of MSN says his dream for Comic-Con is "wishfully hoping that we'll get some sort of official Batman 3 announcement at the Con."

And what did I say? My particular vote is for SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD simply because they're coming to Comic-Con with the idea to have a ton of fun and I think that attitude is completely infectious. It won't just be a panel, it'll be an experience.

So now it's your turn to vote. Head here to this poll to vote for which Hall H film has you most excited to see or hear about on our site.

Source: JoBlo.com



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