MOVIE POLL: What's your take on Valentine's Day?

What's your take on Valentine's Day?

Just another day of the year, dude.
40.90% = 398 votes
Makes me feel like shit, since I'm single and jerking off every other day.
20.66% = 201 votes
I think every day should be Valentine's Day for couples, not this Hallmark-card created bullshit "holiday".
19.84% = 193 votes
Holy shit, it's Valentine's Day today?!?!!?
12.44% = 121 votes
I love it! I'm a romantic at heart and this day is the shiznit!
4.93% = 48 votes
It's pretty awesome, dude. Every year on this day, I go out and rent myself the hottest escort around and have a blast!! The other 364 days of the year suck, but hey...at least I have that one day!!
1.23% = 12 votes
TOTAL VOTES = 973 votes

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