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What does Joss Whedon have to say about his own open letter?

"But mostly, it's just me being a dumb-ass, because that seems to be what I do best - I'm not even very good at that. So, no, I do not think they're going to call me and say 'Congratulations! We'll have that $10,000 now.'" There was a bit of controversy and mixed feelings when it came to Whedon's open letter.

The guy knew he was poking fun at himself but never at TERMINATOR as a whole, "Here's the thing: It's not a slam on The Terminator. I love The Terminator. That part's totally true. I was thinking to myself, 'Not since they auctioned off frames from The Little Mermaid have I wished I had more money this much.' So you know what, never hurts to ask. I loved the movies, even the later movies. I loved the mythology. I loved the TV show [The Sarah Connor Chronicles] - like, really loved. Not for pretend. And not just because of Summer [Glau]."

Whedon says that he learned a lot from the franchise but knows there's not a good chance he would get it, "The part where I think I'm going to get it, not so true. And certain ideas, like [bidding for] The Lord of the Rings and the Batman franchise, also possibly not true." I don't think it was a case of Whedon being full of himself, I think he truly loves the franchise, but knew his bid wouldn't be taken seriously. Sure, SERENITY was awesome, but would they want to put TERMINATOR in his hands? Not because he's bad (I think he's an amazing writer) but because of his own personal style.

Now, whether it's his style or not, he'd still snatch it up if given the chance, "If they will give them to me for $10,000, I absolutely would write a check. That's true. They just didn't say those [properties] were for sale. They said they were on back-order, is what I understand. It's all ridiculous, but it comes from love."

Extra Tidbit: Whedon was asked to revise the script for X-MEN and reportedly decided the whole script needed to be totally rewritten. When he handed the studio this draft, they apparently threw it out; they only really wanted him to add a couple jokes here and there.
Source: EW



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