When this baby hits 88 mph - The DeLorean is going back into production

Ramp up your BACK TO THE FUTURE fandom once again and prepare to engage your dreams of one day owning your own DeLorean. The likelihood of it happening for you are much better for you today than they were yesterday with news that DeLorean Motors will be going back into production to make the very car that was made famous by Robert Zemeckis' classic 1985 time-travel movie.

By way of a low-volume manufacturing bill approved by the federal government, the company will be building replicas of the 1982 model that was used to send Marty McFly back in time, choosing to stick with the design that everyone loves rather than modernizing it. With the supplies they have in stock, they're aiming to build about 300 cars in total, with new models going for about $100,000 and refurbished DeLoreans, made from cars shipped to them as well as a few dozen they already have on hand, will have an asking price that ranges between $45,000-$55,000.

Is this something you always wanted? Start counting up those pennies, because once the first new DeLorean rolls off the production line early next year, you're gonna see some serious shit.

Source: CNN



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