Where the Reshoots Are

After all that hoopla surrounding Spike Jonze's work on WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, it seems re shoots have now been scheduled for the month of June in LA, with casting calls out for various stand-in roles. The news comes via Bloody Disgusting. It's unclear at this juncture just how much reworking is going to be done on the film, but it is plausible to think that it could be completely re-shot, perhaps even with a new lead actor. If you missed it, you can catch up on what has been happening HERE and over at CHUD.

Good lord this film is a complete and utter disaster. An artist's rendering of this project would involve him scribbling circles all over a piece of paper and then tying it to one of those Acme weights and tossing it off of a cliff. Blind optimism has me hoping Spike Jonze will yet have his way, but it sounds increasingly less likely with each update.
Extra Tidbit: Tom Hanks is a producer on this project.



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