Which Avenger makes an appearance in Thor?

Before we go any further, I'll just issue a big ole SPOILER ALERT right at the top. I don't know how spoiler-y this all is - Paramount and Marvel revealed it to a bunch of press so I can't imagine it's that tightly protected - but in case you like staying in the dark, it's time to turn back now.

Yesterday at CinemaCon, the industry fest formerly known as ShoWest, Paramount showed up to pimp some of their upcoming films, which include CAPTAIN AMERICA and THOR. They showed a good deal of footage from each, but it was the footage from THOR that's lighting up the interwebz today because in that footage the audience saw an extended cameo from one of The Avengers. And who would that be?

Despite Jeremy Renner's assertions that there was "no truth" to the rumors that he'd be making his first appearance as Hawkeye in THOR, Cinema Blend is reporting that Hawkeye most definitely makes an appearance in THOR. In the scene in question, he's working with SHIELD's Agent Coulson and even uses his bow and arrow.

The question would be whether there's any more to his scene than what was shown or if it's just that brief appearance. So knowing this, are you any more interested in seeing THOR?

Source: Cinema Blend



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