Which shirt designs for The Dark Knight Rises did Christopher Nolan pick?

Back in March, I told you guys about a t-shirt design contest for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The top three would be judged and chosen by Christopher Nolan.

Well, now the winners are here.

Design By Humans has released the top five winners of the contest. There were 3,305 who submitted designs to the site. Here are the details on the top three:

Hello Mr. Wayne by SkyPeee: The 1st place winner shows a good sense of motion between Batman fighting off Bane. The intense fight between Bane and Batman is composed under cascaded shadows and ominous textures.

Come From the Darkness by Geno75: This t-shirt design uses Batman’s expression, body language and the way his cape flows really shows that Batman is about to burst into action. The Dark Knight strikes the ground and clenches his fists ready to fight.

Arise by SilentOP: SilentOP captures Batmans face constructed in the cityscape with the Batman signal outlining the sky above the city. The use of aquatic blue creates the energy in the bat signal that dilutes through Gotham and the city.

I like them all, but my favorite is a tie between the winner and the fifth place shirt. If you want one of your own, head here to purchase at Design By Humans site. The designs are limited so get on it now!



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