White joins Knight

Michael Jai White (SPAWN) has joined the cast of THE DARK KNIGHT, playing a character named 'Gamble'. Apparently the character is one of several mob bosses in Gotham who are attempting to take over the streets now that Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) is out of the picture.

I don't really know that much about White, except for the fact that he asks the hot mom from THE O.C. if on top of assassinations, she 'wipes his (Martin Sheen)'s ass too'. And for that alone he is in my good books. Still there's an awful lot of pressure on White's shoulders now, since he basically captained the sinking ship, SPAWN as it plummetted to all new levels of suck. Sure, he's probably only playing a minor role in THE DARK KNIGHT, but his is the first piece of casting I haven't been entirely sure about. And I'll be damned if KNIGHT is messed up because of this guy.

Still, SPAWN aside, White has seen success in comic-book based projects, voicing Doomsday on the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoon and Green Lantern in the JUSTICE LEAGUE HEROES video game. And hey, Nolan knows what he's doing.
Extra Tidbit: White appeared in the KILL BILL trailer when the film was still due to be released as one movie. He filmed scenes for KILL BILL 2, but they were subsequently deleted.
Source: MTV



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