Who are the updated candidates for Spider-Man?

The popular theory is that Sony Pictures has a pre-Comic-Con deadline for casting the star of the upcoming SPIDER-MAN reboot so they can make a big splash with the actor at the late-July convention. Word broke over the weekend that the studio hunkered down last week with a bunch of screen tests in the hopes of finding their guy. So who did they watch?

Deadline has the list of screen testers which includes Jamie Bell, Anton Yelchin, Aaron Johnson, Andrew Garfield, Logan Lerman and Alden Ehrenreich. Reportedly Michael Angarano is also on that final list but it's unclear if he's tested for the part yet. There's not much new there as almost all these guys have been rumored for the role since the very beginning (with Lerman at one point reportedly securing the deal only to have Sony issue a flat-out denial).

So who do you think the best choice is? I like Yelchin but I'm not sure how much filming on FRIGHT NIGHT would interfere with Sony's plans for pre-production. I also think Angarano is a pretty solid choice. I think what's key to remember here is that you're casting Peter Parker first and foremost and Angarano has a very Peter Parker vibe to him (certainly much more than Garfield who recently has worked as a model for Vogue).

What's surprising to me is that Lerman is still on the list. Sony was so adamant at one point that he wasn't even being considered and now it seems like that was mostly lip service to refute rumors that Lerman was the frontrunner. If he wasn't being considered, how did he make it to the final candidates? Is all this just a ploy to get some bargaining power over Lerman whose reps might've felt had some leverage in the negotiations?...

Extra Tidbit: I like Aaron Johnson and I think he's a fine actor but that's the least inspired choice I could think of for SPIDER-MAN.
Source: Deadline



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