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Some people have a low threshold for the smaller-budgeted genre indies, but I'd often rather see what aspiring filmmakers can concoct with limited resources than some of the rubbish that gets made for $100 million.

The atmospheric Australian action flick GABRIEL is one of those underdogs, a passion project made for less than what Michael Bay probably gets for daily massage allowance (with happy ending, natch) during his productions. The story follows the archangel of the title as he journeys through a seedy city on a quest to shoot and pummel his former peers, and the result is a pretty slick-looking affair with plenty of punishment.

The film arrives this November in its home country of Australia courtesy of Sony and Screen Gems -- unsurprising as they also released the UNDERWORLD flicks, which superficially have a similar tone even if GABRIEL's premise is decidedly different (the flick is apparently closer to THE CROW or HIGHLANDER). The release will expand based on its performance Down Under, so you Aussies check it out so the rest of us can see it.

Meanwhile, feast your ocular devices on the trailer and learn more about the flick RIGHT HERE!
Extra Tidbit: A few other no-budget gems I've enjoyed: HIDE AND CREEP, THE PRODIGY, THE AMERICAN ASTRONAUT, and ROBOT BASTARD. And I'm keeping an eye on THE MEN WHO FELL.
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