Who is Green Lantern?

As much as we'd all like a third BATMAN movie to be the next DC superhero film to make it to theaters, it just doesn't look like that's gonna happen. Instead THE GREEN LANTERN is on the fast track at Warner Bros. (with a December 17, 2010 release already set) and casting is already underway. No one has been cast just yet but Latino Review is reporting that a number of actors were already offered the part - and subsequently turned it down. They're reporting that Ryan Gosling, Sam Worthington and Emile Hirsch were all offered the role of Hal Jordan and all turned down the part. First of all...Emile Hirsch?! He's a great actor but isn't he a little short to play a superhero? In any event, Latino also reveals the next candidate that WB and director Martin Campbell are looking at: Anton Yelchin. The star of the upcoming blockbusters STAR TREK and TERMINATOR SALVATION is being eyeballed to lead his first film. Now he's not much taller than Emile (just about two inches taller) and frankly I don't dig the choice at all. Again, great actor, just not who I'd envision to play Green Lantern (unless they're turning Green Lantern into some kind of SPIDER-MAN/high school origin). What do you think of these choices? Who would you recommend?

Extra Tidbit: Emile Hirsch? Seriously?
Source: Latino Review



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