Who will direct Star Trek 3? There's a shortlist of filmmakers and one of the names is...

When J.J. Abrams jumped from "boldly going where no man has gone before" to "a galaxy far, far away" people immediately began to speculate on who might helm a follow up to STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. The studio apparently wants to celebrate the series 50th anniversary in 2016 with a new film so even if they wanted Abrams back he's probably going to be far too busy with STAR WARS: EPISODE VII or one of his many other projects.

Now El Mayimbe from Latino-Review is reporting that there is a shortlist of people the studio is considering for STAR TREK 3 (or is it nu-STAR TREK 3?) and one of those names is ATTACK THE BLOCK director Joe Cornish. There are allegedly "numerous contenders" to direct the new film but at this time Cornish is the only person that has been named.

Joe Cornish would be a very interesting choice to take over the series and I would completely be behind him directing the film. ATTACK THE BLOCK obviously isn't on the same scale as a STAR TREK film but I think he has the skills to create a damn good addition to the franchise. Cornish helped write the screenplays for THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN and the upcoming ANT-MAN so I'm sure he'll be helping with the scripting duties as well.

Remember though: nothing has been confirmed and a third film isn't even official yet so this could end up being nothing more than a rumor. However I think it would be very good news if Joe Cornish decided to beam aboard the Enterprise.

Extra Tidbit: Think Joe Cornish's connection to Edgar Wright will help him get the job? It certainly can't hurt.



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