Why hasn't Nathan Fillion starred as a character in the Marvel universe?

Every time we do a "Cast This", hell every time we talk about casting a superhero role for any article, Nathan Fillion's name always manages to come up. It's a thing now to suggest Filion for every role that comes up. There's always at least one joker in each of the "Cast This" columns. Captain Planet? Nathan Fillion. Doctor Strange? Nathan Fillion. Scarlet Witch? Nathan Fillion.

Fillion has had opportunities to at least audition for a role, right? He was in SLITHER for James Gunn who is directing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and has teamed with Joss Whedon for several projects. So why hasn't he been cast in anything?

This is what the actor told IGN:

Right now, I'm still pretty tied up with Castle," Nathan Fillion told IGN Movies when asked if he has any interest in reteaming with his close friends Joss Whedon or James Gunn for either of their upcoming Marvel Studios comic book movies, The Avengers 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. "I have a couple of years of that to go. We're having a great time, we're telling some great stories and we're enjoying it. Joss and James have done so much for me, I'm not the guy that goes knocking at their door and goes, 'Do some more for me!' You know what I mean? They're doing great stuff right now and I'm having a great time right now, so I think that once I wrap up Castle, and we get a little more free time one our hands... [Nods]

What about past rumors of him being up for certain roles?

"People want to believe that, but actually, I never have!"

Source: IGN



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