Why would Tobey Maguire cheat on Elizabeth Banks? Find the answers in this trailer for The Details

The latest trailer for THE DETAILS brings us back down to earth, but don't worry, it still has a good bit of crazy in it.

Here you can tell what kind of movies it pulls from. I even got hints of TRUE STORIES. That's when I knew I was really excited about this film. In this second trailer, we find out that Jeff (Tobey Maguire) has become distant from his wife (Elizabeth Banks) and is seeking some action outside of their marriage. There's definitely some good and some bad...and then some, very, very bad. It's a trap! Look, if you decide to do the nasty with crazy, this is what you are going to get.

THE DETAILS will release on November 2nd, but you can catch it first via VOD on October 5th.

It all started with the raccoons. After 10 years of marriage, Jeff and Nealy have a young son, an idyllic suburban life, and a marriage that’s stuck. Accordingly, Jeff decides to plant a perfect backyard lawn. Enter the raccoons, who repeatedly tear up his grass. When Jeff tries to eradicate these meddlesome vandals, his efforts initiate a bewildering chain reaction involving a crazy cat lady, multiple infidelities, extortion, organ donation, and somebody on the wrong end of a bow and arrow.

Devilish throughout, The Details is both a love story and a horror story (of the existential kind). The root of Jeff’s dread (and subsequent misdeeds) is that he wants to love his wife but no longer knows how. Filmmaker Jacob Aaron Estes plays with the notion that the tiniest thing can unravel our lives. His narrative spontaneity and anarchic spirit allow characters to keep digging themselves into deeper moral holes to see if the universe will punish them. The result is a darkly funny meditation on marital malaise.

Source: Yahoo Movies



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