Will Anne Hathaway be falling for Tom Cruise's musical charms in Rock of Ages?

Now that Tom Cruise has officially boarded the upcoming ROCK OF AGES, we're going to be getting more and more word of other big stars circling the adaptation of the popular Broadway musical. The first of those? The lovely and soon to be Catwoman'd Anne Hathaway (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES).

According to Deadline, New Line and director Adam Shankman (HAIRSPRAY) really want Hathaway and she's apparently already now in talks to star as an "uptight journalist who intends to eviscerate Cruise's decadent rock star 'Stacee Jax' with an expose." (Not this exposé, right?) Deadline continues, saying "Instead, she falls for the charms of the rocker, and after they duet to the Foreigner song I Want To Know What Love Is, they engage in a wild, passionate bedroom romp."

Cruise, as noted, will be playing the role of 'Stacee Jax', a decadent rock star who comes back to perform one last time at The Bourbon, the venue he first started at (the owner of the venue may be played by Alec Baldwin, which would be amazing).

ROCK OF AGES begins filming sometime this Spring.
Extra Tidbit: This movie is either going to be glorious or a glorious disaster.
Source: Deadline



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