Will Attila the Hun soon be pillaging movie screens near you?

Attila the Hun's empire

In a nice spot of luck for new-to-the-industry writer Nicholas Schoenfeld, Warner Bros has picked up his script entitled ATTILA about the surprisingly little-filmed Hun conqueror.  The script seems to take a somewhat tragically romantic perspective of Attila's life, with Deadline describing the tone as "similar to the good-man-gone-bad pic Dracula Year Zero..."

Attila and the huns invade Italy - drawing

Schoenfeld, bless his heart, really is a lucky bastard.  A Classics Major at Brown University, he found his current writing agent via the Brown alumni network and was promptly introduced to seventeen producers. He already has two untitled original projects in the works, while his script LADY OF BLOOD AND FURY (which is a reinterpretation of MACBETH that places Lady Macbeth as the heroic lead) likewise has a producer already attached.

ATTILA is still of course a fair ways out, considering the sort of pre-production any historical epic requires.  Think Hollywood will have the cojones to cast the title role in its general racial ballpark?

Attila coin

Extra Tidbit: Gerard Butler and Powers Booth starred in a 2001 TV Miniseries also entitled ATTILA.
Source: Deadline



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