Will Bradley Cooper join Emma Stone in the next film from Cameron Crowe?

Bradley Cooper in vest in car

Having finally come back 'round to narrative filmmaking with WE BOUGHT A ZOO after a six-year hiatus, Cameron Crowe is wasting no time and moving straight on to his next project.  And after an extensive search, he's decided to bring Bradley Cooper along with him and the already-cast Emma Stone.  The only question at this point is whether Cooper will sign on the dotted line, and I honestly can't imagine why he wouldn't considering the talent involved.

While still untitled, the project is said to come bearing a similar tone to Crowe's own ALMOST FAMOUS and JERRY MAGUIRE.  Whatever that last bit means, as that doesn't really suggest anything about the film beyond "it's something sort of like something Crowe made before."  The only bit of illumination comes from the description of the project being "a two hander," so we know that it's going to primarily center around the lead characters and the ways they interact with each other and their world.  Which still reveals nothing.  So... yeah.  Good times.

Shooting is set to start in Spring, so hopefully we'll be able to update you more soon.  Cooper is curently filming THE HANGOVER PART III, and has SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK opening November 21st.

Emma Stone in white stripes on couch

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Crowe film? I go for SAY ANYTHING without a doubt.



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