Will Casper the friendly ghost come back to the big screen?

I don't know about you men folk, but CASPER was a big deal for us pre-teen females in 1995. The words, "Can I keep you?" automatically made our hearts flutter. At 26, I can tell you it still works.

How could you not like CASPER? It had Christina Ricci before she was mega skinny, Bill Pullman getting drunk with ghost uncles, and Dan Aykroyd made a cameo as Dr. Ray Stantz. Not to mention, Cathy Moriarty and Eric Idle were also in the film. Ever since '95, CASPER hasn't been doing so well. The friendly ghost has mainly spend time on the small screen. The last thing I saw him in was CASPER SCARE SCHOOL on Cartoon Network.

Now it looks like Classic Media, who own the rights to CASPER, are talking to Amblin Entertainment and Universal about doing a new live-action film. The company wants to bring Casper back to the big-screen in all his CG glory amongst the fleshies. Last year the little ghost was re-vamped in the comic world with the series, Casper and the Spectrals. Perhaps it will have something to do with that. Right now though, it's just all talk.

Classic Media owns the rights to another Harvey Comics character, Little Dot. It's possible that she will get the big-screen treatment but Casper comes first.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Devon Sawa moment from SLC PUNK. (It starts at 2:25 if you want to skip ahead)
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