Will Depp make a cameo in 21 Jump Street? Maybe Grieco too?

Will we see Depp and Grieco back together for the new 21 JUMP STREET film?

Well, Depp is more likely than Grieco.

According to directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS), Depp has a role if he wants one. When it came to talking about the Grieco cameo, the guys said it was too early to tell.

Jonah Hill, who will star in the film, most recently said that the new JUMP STREET will be like, "a John Hughes movie with Bad Boys style action…I wouldn't make it if it wouldn't be awesome." I might lose major cool point for this, but I never got into 21 JUMP STREET. If I'm in the mood for something Depp, I'll watch ED WOOD.

I say it's too early to judge this project. Some of you aren't really huge fans of Hill, but the involvement of Lord and Miller shows some promise. Check out the video below for more details on JUMP STREET.

Extra Tidbit: Grieco at one time signed a record deal with Edel Record Company to release a CD single in Germany. Were the smooth, vocal stylings of Hasselhoff not working out?
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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