Will Emily Blunt enter a Five-Year Engagement with Jason Segel?

Emily Blunt was originally offered the part of Jackie Q in GET HIM TO THE GREEK. Sadly, she didn't get to take Nicholas Stroller and Jason Segel up on their offer. So instead the part went to Rose Byrne.

Now it looks like she will be getting another opportunity to be in another Stroller/Segel joint venture. Vulture's sources say that they are about to offer her a role in FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT. But why couldn't she take the first offer? Apparently 20th Century Fox still had an option on Blunt left over from her turn in THE DEVIL WORE PRADA and decided to snag her for GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (written by Stroller). So Blunt was not able to make a commitment.

Blunt is now free of Fox's legal bounds and will likely sign on.

Unfortunately, there were no details given about FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT. All we know is that it is a relationship comedy with Stroller helming and Judd Apatow producing.

Can we throw in some Rashida Jones or Kristen Bell as well?

Extra Tidbit: Did anyone out there enjoy THE WOLFMAN?
Source: Vulture



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