Will Ferrell and Jack Black will become Tag Brothers

Remember that time that Will Ferrell and Jack Black had a moment in ANCHORMAN? Funny shit, right? "Well guess what? This is happening." Now it seems that the two are attached to a feature called TAG BROTHERS about the longest game of tag ever-- and it's a true story.

Mark Steilen wrote the script based on, "a group of former classmates from Spokane, Washington whose long-running game of Tag garnered national attention following a feature story in the Wall Street Journal. Now in their 40s, the group spends the month of February chasing each other across the country to avoid being "It," all while balancing their personal and professional obligations. The shenanigans are pretty serious, with friends breaking into each other's homes and offices to score that crucial physical contact.

Reminds me of the adult Hide and Seek League skit on PORTLANDIA. I find it kind of awesome that this game still continues. I just wonder how the hell they get around work and life in general. Both Ferrell and Black should make this freaking hilarious. THOUGH it probably would have been funny to reunite Ferrell and John C. Reilly, but people would probably think that would be a sequel to STEP BROTHERS. Either way, I welcome this idea.

Source: The Wrap



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