Will Ferrell has been hospitalized after surviving a serious car accident

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Ferrell's reps say he's been treated and released from the hospital without any significant injuries.

Word has come in that Will Ferrell has become involved in a serious car accident Thursday night while traveling through Orange County, California. According to several reports, the STEP BROTHERS and ANCHORMAN star was riding in an SUV that flipped over during a two-car crash around 11 p.m. along interstate 5. We've also learned that Ferrell was reportedly one of three passengers riding in the damaged vehicle. After emergency units arrived on the scene, Ferrell was transported along with several others to a nearby hospital after sustaining unspecified injuries.

Thankfully, video footage that was taken at the scene of the accident showed a conscious Ferrell speaking on his phone while being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Neither the SNL alum nor his representatives have made themselves available to comment on the matter, since the time of the accident.

We here at JoBlo would like to wish Mr. Ferrell and the other victims of the collision a speedy recovery. Remember to always wear your seatbelts, friends, and if you have to use your phone, be sure to get yourself a hands-free device. Take care. 



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