Will Ferrell's Casa de mi Padre wants you to drink Scorpion Beer

CASA DE MI PADRE, the Will Ferrell, Spanish-language film, which pays homage to classic westerns and telenovelas, is looking like it may be just tongue-in-cheek enough to pull off the subtitled comedy gamble.  I'm a fan of Ferrell, especially ANCHORMAN and STEP BROTHERS, but he can be hit or miss.

In a fun promotional effort, Will Ferrell and Efren Ramirez gallop on their horses in the Western sun, then enjoy a nice, cold Scorpion beer. The true choice for Spanish-speaking American comedians who ride horses in the desert.

This looks like a fun concept and has a lot of promise. Of course, it could always fall flat and it's doubtful that many people will want to "read" a comedy, but you just never know. If it's truly funny enough, I think it can transcend the "language barrier." Okay, that's enough quotation marks for this article.

CASA DE MI PADRE saddles up on March 16th, 2012. Bring an interpreter if you can't read.

Extra Tidbit: Dude...why is it such a freakin' problem to make Anchorman 2 happen. What, we needed Semi-Pro instead? Come on.
Source: You Tube



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