Will Hugh Jackman go on a Fantastic Voyage for Shawn Levy?

Who wants to take a FANTASTIC VOYAGE with Hugh Jackman?

Looks like director Shawn Levy does since Jackman is his first choice for the lead in the re-imagining of the 1966 original. Oh, and James Cameron is producing and it will be in 3D.

Back in February, the news dropped that Levy would be helming the film, which is about, "a team of scientists shrunk into a ship in an attempt to save a colleague's life." Shane Salerno (SHAFT) and Laeta Kalogridis (SHUTTER ISLAND) have been working on the screenplay and apparently a new draft is due any day now. The tone of the story is now envisioned more as a dramatic love story. Nothing says love like getting your ship stuck in ear wax.

Levy and Jackman became buddies from working on REAL STEEL. Will this give Jackman something to do while they figure out what the hell is going on with THE WOLVERINE? Someone really needs to get on that.

Extra Tidbit: Shawn Levy, you will always be the star of ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE to me.
Source: Deadline



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