Will MGM's Cabin in the Woods and Red Dawn finally get a release from Sony?

Production on the horror film CABIN IN THE WOODS wrapped in May of 2009 and the film was originally scheduled for release in February of 2010. It's now February of 2011 and the film still doesn't have a solid release date. That could change as a new deal between Sony Pictures and MGM, the original studio behind CABIN, could find a new home for the films that went into limbo when MGM went bankrupt.

Sony and MGM entered into negotiations earlier this week when they agreed to partner on BOND 23 and Sony gave MGM a stake in THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. As part of this proposed deal, it's expected that Sony would distribute a number of MGM titles currently stuck in a holding pattern including CABIN and the RED DAWN remake. The deal would also give Sony rights to DVD and digital sales from MGM's library.

CABIN was originally delayed so that MGM could pay to have the film upconverted into 3D but it's unclear if the conversion was ever actually completed as MGM ran out of money about halfway through last year. RED DAWN is also supposedly still in need of some editing and finishing touches before it hits theaters. I've heard good things about CABIN, not so good things about RED DAWN but in either case, both films deserve to hit theaters so hopefully we'll see them both soon.

Source: Variety



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