Will Pacific Rim bomb? Fandango shows the movie tracking along the lines of World War Z

We brought you the alarming news that PACIFIC RIM was in danger of being not only a box office bomb of LONE RANGER proportions but also may make half as much as the Adam Sandler "movie" GROWN UPS 2. Fanboys across the Internet groaned in unison at the prospect which did not seem to worry director Guillermo Del Toro despite a massive last ditch marketing push for the monster movie in the form of posters, clips, and multiple final trailers.

Now just a day before both films open, Fandango has released a report that PACIFIC RIM is accounting for 60% of their ticket sales for this weekend and is rating a 90 out of 100 on their buzz scale. In comparison, DESPICABLE ME 2 is scoring an 87 and GROWN UPS 2 at 85. This bodes well for Del Toro and Warner Bros. prospects yet may still only result in a $40 million opening weekend.

Fandango also sees PACIFIC RIM tracking along the same lines as WORLD WAR Z which has gone on to gross $166 million domestically and $371 worldwide. PACIFIC RIM has the potential for excellent numbers in foreign markets with an international cast. Hopefully this will result in a success for the studio and Del Toro who have already discussed potential sequels to the movie. We should have a better idea come Monday.

PACIFIC RIM opens everywhere tomorrow.

Source: Fandango



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