Will Paramount help Ubisoft's Splinter Cell to sneak its way on screen?

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This is one of those deals, both figuratively and literally, where even if everything goes as well as it can go the situation still won't bear fruit for a fair while yet. 

That being said, TOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL, Ubisoft's hugely popular series of stealth/spy games, is slowly but surely getting set up at a movie studio - Warner Bros was in talks for a while, but things have now shifted and Paramount is now the frontrunner. Perhaps they're looking to lock in a surefire franchise modeled after MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE to eventually balance out the hit they've taken this year (G.I. JOE: RETALIATION, WORLD WAR Z, etc...).  It wouldn't surprise me, as the six games in the series have already generated over $22 million in revenue.  Which is impressive for a game series. 

SPLINTER CELL and its subsequent sequels deal with the ongoing trials and tribulations of Sam Fisher, a gruff operative who works with a branch of the National Security Administration called The Third Echelon.  In an appreciated evolution, later games have also dealt with the toll of Sam's work on his personal life.

More on this once a final deal is solidified.  The next game in the series - SPLINTER CELL: BLACKLIST - is due out on PS3, XBOX and PC next year.

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Extra Tidbit: I've personally always vastly preferred the METAL GEAR SOLID series to SPLINTER CELL - what about you?



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