Will Promised Land with John Krasinski and Matt Damon be worth the watch? Check out 7 minutes of footage to find out

Pals for life, Matt Damon and John Krasinski got together awhile back and decided to write a screenplay for a film called, PROMISED LAND. It was intended for Damon to take this on as his directorial debut, but Gus Van Sant ended up stepping in for the actor for the job.

Collider.com has put together a 7-minute reel made up of clips from the film. This is a nice little preview of footage to let audiences gauge whether or not this might be worth their time. The flick is centered on, "a natural gas company executive (Damon) who comes up against homegrown opposition in Dustin Noble (Krasinski) when the corporation tries to buy up a small town’s resource rights."

After viewing, I would say I'm definitely interested. The footage comes off as slow, but I kind of like the dynamic/rivalry between the characters of Damon and Krasinski. Rosemarie DeWitt has been one of my favorite actresses since EULOGY.

PROMISED LAND starring Damon, Krasinski, DeWitt, Titus Welliver, Lucas Black and Scoot McNairy is due out in limited release on December 28th.

Source: Collider



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