Will Sasso is a frontrunner for The Three Stooges...wait, Will Sasso?

We must have stumbled back to things that are relevant to the 90's.

According to THR, Will Sasso is a likely frontrunner for Moe, Larry or Curly in the Farrelly brothers THE THREE STOOGES.

At first this news was just being thrown back and forth between bloggers online. Now it's surfaced that there was truth to the talk. In revelations that aren't surprising, the blogging community expressed that Sasso would be best suited for the part of Curly.

While I did make the "joke" that Sasso is only relevant to the 90's, he has had plenty of steady work over the years. Sasso was in the Katherine Heigl crap romcom, LIFE AS WE KNOW IT and did some television voice work for THE CLEVELAND SHOW and FAMILY GUY. He also lent his pipes for the upcoming, ARTHUR CHRISTMAS.

I know a few of you have mentioned Sasso when it came to your own picks for the film.

In related news, Cher tweeted last Friday that she would love to have a supporting role in the film. As long as she doesn't do anything near BURLESQUE, I don't care.

Extra Tidbit: I have to direct you to something that never fails to make me laugh--Kenny Rogers' JACKASS.
Source: THR



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