Will Smith and Justin Bieber teaming up for film projects?

Justin Bieber became friends with Jaden Smith while they recorded the theme song for last summer's THE KARATE KID and now Biebs is looking to partner with Jaden's dad Will. Bieber and Will Smith are reportedly looking to team on a film project together, though no specific deals are in the works.

Bieber told Access Hollywood, While Bieber has his 3D documentary NEVER SAY NEVER in theaters this Friday, he doesn't have a whole lot in the way of acting experience. But then again neither did Will Smith when he made the leap from "Parents Just Don't Understand" to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Le Biebs tweeted last night, so we know that Smith certainly sees some potential in the dude. The duo don't have a specific projects in the works but are actively looking at scripts that could star Bieber and have Smith in a producing role (much like the way the elder Smith paved the way for his son on KARATE KID and is now developing ANNIE for his daughter Willow).

So since Bieber and Smith don't have anything in mind, what project would you want to see Bieber and Smith team up on? A remake of RAIN MAN? How about a version of "Fresh Prince" in reverse where a posh kid from Beverly Hills goes to live in the slums?

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Source: THR



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