Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back for Men in Black 3 in 3D

I know what you've been waiting to see more installments of and it has nothing to do with our favorite comic heroes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you MEN IN BLACK 3. Oh, and not just any standard film will do. This one will be in glorious 3D.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld is also adding that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be back as Jay and Kay.

Initially when I caught sight of this news, I just thought that they were going to slap some 3D tech onto the first film. Then I realized that MIB had only gone as far as a second installment. It's just one of those franchises that seemed like it would have been a trilogy already.

Sony is apparently insanely happy that MIB is moving forward. When Spidey 4 got dropped, the studio desperately needed a film to for next Memorial Day 2011. Now it seems like they might have it. Instant cash!

Are you guys excited for this? I liked the first one. The second didn't do much for me. It did show a hotter Laura Flynn Boyle before she did all that crap to her face.

Extra Tidbit: Will Smith, please write another song for MIB.
Source: Showbiz 411



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