Will the Fast and Furious 6 ending reveal a super villain for the seventh movie? Plus a new trailer!

FAST AND FURIOUS 6 is a movie I never thought would have existed. I liked the first movie and the second and third chapters sucked pretty badly. But, by the time the fifth film rolled around, it was almost like a reboot for the series from focusing on cars to becoming a heist movie that happened to feature cars. The addition of Dwayne Johnson helped matters quite a bit, bringing some gravitas to the series.

But, how far can this series go? I had the feeling the already announced seventh movie would be the grand finale, but if these latest rumors prove to be true, we may be in store for a lot more Vin Diesel and Paul Walker antics. Seeing as FAST AND FURIOUS 6 won't even hit theaters until May, but Ain't It Cool may have uncovered a huge spoiler to be revealed at the end of the movie.

This is your last chance to avoid this spoiler, so check out the newly released theatrical trailer and then scroll below to read the spoiler.

Alright, so here is the big spoiler that follows our heroes riding off into the sunset at the end of FAST AND FURIOUS 6.

Now this is where the big reveal comes in. As it was structured when I cemented this information, the following sequence was placed immediately after that peaceful ending, but it's entirely possible that it may be shifted to occur sometime during the end credits, much like the reveal of Letty still being alive was during FAST FIVE. We then see a pair of hands on a steering wheel, with Japanese suddenly coming across a police scanner in the car. In addition, looking around the car, we see that the inside of this particular S-Class has been reinforced for some reason. The scanner puts out the call for all units to respond to a high-speed chase taking place between an orange and black Mazda RX-7 and a grey Nissan 350Z, and this suped-up Mercedes floors it, taking off from its parked position. This mysterious driver monitors the chase from a parallel road before geting ahead of the pursuit. At this point, he heads down a street on his left at an incredibly high rate of speed. Upon seeing the RX-7 approaching the coming intersection, the driver floors it, timing his entry into the intersection to slam right into the side of the Mazda, sending it rolling over upside-down, as the S-Class appears only minimally damaged. This mystery driver then steps out of the vehicle, and it is now that we finally learn who is behind the wheel...Jason Statham! Statham walks up to the RX-7 and over towards the driver of the vehicle, which we now see is Han (Sung Kang).

Jason Statham was originally going to play Owen Shaw in FAST AND FURIOUS 6, the role taken by Luke Evans, but it appears he made his way into the franchise anyway as Shaw's older brother. Not only does this up the ante late into an aging franchise, but it connects the six movies to the red-headed stepchild that is TOKYO DRIFT. This will add another big time actor to the series, which is starting to turn this into a younger version of THE EXPENDABLES. I now am very intrigued to see FAST AND FURIOUS 6.

FAST AND FURIOUS 6 opens everywhere on May 24, 2013.

Source: Ain't It Cool



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