Will the new Superman have to fight Viggo Mortensen as the new Zod?

In case it wasn't already a foregone conclusion, Zack Snyder's relaunch of SUPERMAN will find the Man of Steel facing a fellow Kryptonian, the villian General Zod.

According to Heat Vision, Warner Bros. and the filmmakers want to get Viggo Mortensen for the part of Superman's evil equal.

We already heard the project was seeking an Ursa, so it's no surprise that Zod (previously played to perfection by Terence Stamp) is also going to bust out of the Phantom Zone and mix it up with new Supes Henry Cavill. Seems like the latest presentation of the classic comic character is going to be fresh, yet still quite familiar...

Mortensen could certainly make a deliciously devious baddie (witness his brief appearance as Lucifer in THE PROPHECY as evidence). But he's also reportedly still in talks for SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, so it's unclear if he would be able to do both.

The new SUPERMAN story was penned by producer Christopher Nolan, bro Jonah and David Goyer, and also has Kevin Costner mentioned to play Clark's adopted parent Pa Kent. An appropriate Lois Lane is still being sought.

Extra Tidbit: Can you think of a better Zod?
Source: Heat Vision



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