Will Will Smith have his directorial debut be about Cain and Abel?

Will Smith punching picture

Will Smith has spent enough time in front of the camera to have learned a thing or two by now, and is possibly looking to translate that knowledge into a full-on directing opportunity some time in the near future. With the caveat that he might star as well, Smith is currently investigating an untitled script about Cain and Abel, the battling brothers from the beginning of the Bible.

The question of just how straight a retelling this will be has yet to be answered, as the script Smith is looking at went for a long time under the working title of THE REDEMPTION OF CAIN.  That script was by Jada Pinkett Smith's brother Caleeb Pinkett and Daniel Knauf (HBO's Carnivale) and featured a "vampiric take on the Biblical tale."  It may of course have evolved beyond that over the years, and will almost certainly evolve even more by the time Smith gets around to making it.  If he even does.  Though I suppose there's some consolation that if he at the very least starred in it, we'd actually be getting a live-action Biblical tale that wasn't whitewashed.

It is definitely confirmed that this isn't Will Smith's next movie, so imagine the possibilties all you wish while knowing that a lot can happen in very little time.  You can next see Will Smith as "Legendary General Cypher Raige" in M. Night Shyamalan's AFTER EARTH, due out June 7th, 2013. 

Cain and Abel white folk version

Seriously, what is this? There are so many bullshit things about this picture I don't even know how to start.

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of "After Earth," has anyone out there rewatched TITAN A.E. recently? If so, how does it hold up?



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