Wilson dives in Poole

Luke Wilson, my personal fave of the Wilson clan, has signed on to star in the upcoming dramedy HENRY POOLE IS HERE. Despite the film is described as a "dramedy," which usually means the kiss of death, I have some faith in this one because it follows a man who finds out he's going to die in six months and decides to spend the rest of his life in suburbia eating pizza and twinkies and drinking vodka. So wait...he wants to turn into JoBlo? The film will mark the feature directing return of Mark Pellington who took time off after the sudden death of his wife. He last directed 2002's THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES. Filming is set to begin on POOLE this summer and Pellington will shop the project at Cannes where he'll also be debuting his U2 documentary U2 3-D. Wilson can be seen next in THE WENDELL BAKER STORY (which he also co-directed) and YOU KILL ME.

Extra Tidbit: Wilson was a track star in high school and holds the records for the 400m and 800m races.
Source: Variety



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