Winnie the Pooh is set to get the live-action treatment

Now who the hell saw this coming? With CINDERELLA out in theaters and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE JUNGLE BOOK and MULAN on deck, the next in what's sure to be a long list of Disney animated films turned live-action is going to feature a bear and his never ending quest to get all up in that honey. That's right, it's Winnie the Pooh. Alex Ross Perry (LISTEN UP PHILIP) has been brought on to tell the tale of an adult Christopher Robin who returns to the Hundred Acre Wood as well as all of the inhabitants within.

Do you remember what happened when the internet let loose with their own version of the Paddington Bear ad campaign? Yeah, that's exactly what I'm imagining for this. I didn't know we needed a live-action Winnie the Pooh but when there's money to be made, might as well go for it! Disney's new slogan aside, they can crank out as many iterations of classic animated stuff as they like, as long as they bring it on the Marvel and Star Wars front.

Source: Deadline



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