Winter's Bone director Debra Granik working on a Pippi Longstocking movie

Apparently there's a new trend in Hollywood that I didn't realize until just now. Ass kicking teenage girls. Yes, Hit Girl is the first thing that comes to mind, but then you have your sword-wielding Alice (of WONDERLAND), Hanna the Eric Bana-trained assassin, the cast of SUCKER PUNCH, Mattie Ross from TRUE GRIT and Ree Dolly from WINTER'S BONE who must track down her meth dealer father to save her family.

All of these are highlighted in an LA Times article which then goes on to casually mention that WINTER'S BONE director Debra Granik is currently working on a film treatment for Pippi Longstocking. For those of you who didn't used to be little girls, Pippi Longstocking is a redheaded, pigtailed character from a series of books by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. She frequently spars with adults and has superhuman strength. Wow, did not know that.

Longstocking has been the subject of many film and TV adaptations already, meaning naturally, it's time for a reboot. Right?

Here's what Granik has to say about empowered girl stars in general:

"People are finding these heroines charismatic, unexpected and fresh," says "Winter's Bone" director Debra Granik. "What a person in the business can get from that is, 'Hey, a young female protagonist doesn't need to have a boyfriend, get pregnant, cut herself or be naked to attract an audience.' "

Yeah, I would agree that this is a good trend, though being naked is always a plus. If they're 18 of course that is! But seriously, it's nice to have these kinds of characters leading adventure and action films instead of generic buff white male for change. As for Pippi Longstocking? I'm a bit skeptical, but I won't judge until I hear more.

Extra Tidbit: Hayao Miyazaki once was considering doing an animated adaptation of Pippi Longstocking, but he was shot down by the book's author Lindgren.
Source: LA Times



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