Witchblade movie?

The Top Cow comic "Witchblade" didn't last long as a TV series (due in part to star Yancy Butler's trip to rehab) but that's not stopping producers from setting up a WITCHBLADE movie. Arclight Films (THE BANK JOB) is looking to start production on a WITCHBLADE movie this fall and they hope it will be "the cornerstone" of their production slate. For the uninitiated, WITCHBLADE follows a gauntlet that bonds to its user and can do all kinds of crazy shit (shoot fire or energy blasts, etc.). The gauntlet is smart in that it always pics a gigantically breasted woman for its host and rips her clothes off in favor of some skimpier garb. Gotta love a horny gauntlet! (Even Catholic school girls are not exempt!) For more on WITCHBLADE, check out this Comix-to-Flix column from our archives. The book was created by Marc Silvestri who got his start working on "Uncanny X-Men" and "Wolverine" back in its heydey. He left to start Image Comics with a number of other high profile artists where "Witchblade" was born. He now runs Top Cow where "Witchblade" is currently published.

Extra Tidbit: I haven't seen it but there's got to be Witchblade porn out there somewhere...
Source: Variety



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