Witchy side of Cage

SEASON OF THE WITCH "USA Today" has released the first official, right pictured still of Nicolas Cage in the supernatural period thriller SEASON OF THE WITCH and at least, in this film, his hair makes sense with the time in which its set and the character he plays. You're less likely to be distracted by his hair and more by whatever accent he may attempt to pull off. In it, he plays a 14th century knight who returns from the Crusades broken and dejected, only to be immediately tasked with helping to exile a ruthless sorceress (Claire Foy). According to producer Charles Roven, "Wherever the witch has gone, the plague has followed. So they need to transport her to the mountains and perform a ritual that will lift whatever enchantment she has on the land." Which is really just a coded way of saying "Cage bangs the sorceress". Get the picture witch-sized over HERE. The witchy season starts sometime next year.

Extra Tidbit: "Donovan" has a song titled "Season of the Witch".
Source: USA Today



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