Witness Jerry Lewis' return in first trailer for Max Rose

Witness him!

Sorry, that was probably too aggressive for a movie like this. But you really should witness Jerry Lewis in the first trailer for MAX ROSE, his first film in 20 years. You may have not heard of this movie before reading this, but now is your chance to make up for that by watching the richly dramatic, almost hauntingly beautiful trailer.

Though Lewis isn’t exactly as big with the kids as he used to be, this movie is still a big deal primarily because of him. I mean, this is like if Richard Pryor rose from the grave and was like, “I still got one more in me!” But that doesn’t mean this movie is a comedy. Oh no, Buster Brown, this is a drama through-and-through, as the trailer tries very hard to get across. ROSE tells the story of Max Rose (Lewis), a retired jazz pianist who goes on a mental journey of self-discovery after he learns his wife of 50 years may have been cheating on him.

But I'm no trailer salesman. Watch the man at work for yourself below!

The music is what does it for me, especially towards the end. It’s thoughtful and heart-breaking, highlighting the simple emotion of the trailer. The trailer as a whole looks like the reel they play when it's announced as one of the Best Picture nominees at the Academy Awards—with Lewis front and center. That’s basically the movie’s purpose: Show Lewis in an Oscar-bait role to drum up the “must-see” quality. If that was the goal behind the trailer, job well done. The movie comes across as one that may not be that unique, but will act as a showcase for Lewis in a role we’ve never seen him in before.

MAX ROSE with Jerry Lewis and Kevin Pollack comes out in New York on September 2, Los Angeles September 9, with chances for expansion later on.

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