Witness the genesis of the Walkers in the Fear the Walking Dead full trailer

Up until today, the only footage we have seen related to AMC's spin-off/prequel Fear The Walking Dead have been thirty second teasers and out of context clips. Overall, seeing the zombies themselves has taken a back seat to setting the mood and tone for Robert Kirkman's new show. Well, that has just changed.

This first full trailer for Fear The Walking Dead debuted today at Comic Con during the panel for the show. Featuring a lot of plot and a lot of zombies, we now can clearly see what the show is going to be about and it is very different than The Walking Dead. Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens head a blended family waiting out the beginning of the apocalypse with little knowledge of what is actually going on.

The action feels more immediate and intense than the slow burns we often get on The Walking Dead. The scene with a police motorcycle clipping Curtis' car was very reminiscent of a similar scene in WORLD WAR Z. This definitely feels like it's own series and one independent from it's source of inspiration.

Our JoBlo.com team is on site at Comic Con and will bring us more details about both Walking Dead series from the panel. Stay tuned for more details.

Fear The Walking Dead debuts on AMC on August 23rd.

Source: YouTube



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