Wolf of Wall Street writer to tackle script for Antoine Fuqua's Scarface

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Terence Winter is no stranger to tackling the criminal element after his work on The Sopranos, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and Boardwalk Empire (which he created), so it should come as no surprise that the writer is now set to board Antoine Fuqua's remake of SCARFACE which will follow a Mexican immigrant fighting for his version of the American Dream in Los Angeles.

Per Variety, Winter has signed on to the upcoming SCARFACE remake in order to perform a polish on the existing draft by Jonathan Herman (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON). Variety's sources tell them that Universal was quick to snag Terence Winter up due to his "expertise creating such characters, and the fact that Winter has real-life relationships with former crime figures." The remake will take the core immigrant story found in both the 1932 and 1983 SCARFACE flicks and give it a fresh spin which Antoine Fuqua has described as "really interesting and very timely." As for Terence Winter, he's got several projects on the go now that HBO has cancelled Vinyl, including an Andy Warhol biopic which is set to star Jared Leto.

What does Antoine Fuqua's SCARFACE have to do in order to keep it from being just another remake?

Bobby Cannavale, who was excellent in Boardwalk Empire, would go on to star in Vinyl.

Source: Variety



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