Wolfman gets delayed

If you were excited that Universal's big-budget redo of THE WOLFMAN was only four months away, I've got a silver bullet for you - the film has been pushed back seven months to November 6th. To help fill that April void, Uni is moving up FAST AND FURIOUS from June 12th to WOLFMAN's previous date of April 3rd. The release switch was pretty simple - FAST AND FURIOUS is done and WOLFMAN, which has complex FX shots, is far from it. The move allows WOLFMAN and director Joe Johnston more time to work in post-production on all the FX work. And with FAST out of the way in June, it allows Uni to focus on the Will Ferrell adventure-comedy LAND OF THE LOST, which hits theaters on June 12. Universal has also pushed back the date of the Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe Robin Hood adventure NOTTINGHAM. They've moved the project, which hasn't even begun filming yet, to a unspecified 2010 date. Whew. That's a lot of moving.

Extra Tidbit: I think Johnston needed more time to CGI Benicio Del Toro surfing on top of a moving minivan to The Beach Boys.
Source: Variety



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