Wolfman pic!

The shot below was taken of Benicio Del Toro during a test shoot for his upcoming title role in THE WOLFMAN. The man he's strangling is make up maestro Rick Baker (MEN IN BLACK) but judging by that picture, what exactly will Rick Baker do? Throw some black smudge underneath his eyes? Dye his teeth yellow? Maybe glue on some fangs? I'm sorry to say, but I can do the make up for this movie, because by the looks of it, Benny's got this role nailed. Is he terrifying in that picture or what?

Mark Romanek (ONE HOUR PHOTO) is directing this film, with an (apparently incredible) script from SE7EN scribe Andrew Kevin Walker. Yes, folks, this project looks bright. Upon seeing Del Toro snarl and grimace, Baker himself questioned his role on the project (jokingly, of course). I can't wait to see what Baker, who's involvement with this project was just announced, has in store for our boy Benicio. Whatever it is, it'll for sure scare the shit out of the girl I won't be taking to see this. Anthony Hopkins is also attached to star. THE WOLFMAN is scheduled to be November 14, 2008 and you can click below to ENLARGE.

Extra Tidbit: Andrew Kevin Walker scripted the BATMAN Vs. SUPERMAN project that Wolfgang Petersen was slated to direct.
Source: Aintitcoolnews



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