Wolverine is not to be [email protected] with in final Logan poster

What a great time to be excited for LOGAN! In such a short span of time we have gotten new interviews, a new trailer and an official R-rating. It’s all very exciting and bittersweet to know this movie is such a short amount of time away. Oh, but you still seem unfulfilled, as if all this still isn’t enough for you. Well, Mr./Mrs. High Maintenance Henry/Henrietta, lucky for you I have one more new piece of LOGAN material for you. It’s a…

...NEW POSTER! Check out the raw, violent intensity below!

Hugh Jackman posted the poster on Twitter, and on it is the official, amazing R-rating symbol, letting the world know this isn’t a movie to be [email protected] with. Leave the kids at home who wanna know if Beast is gonna show up. Yeah he’s gonna show up. Gonna show up eating someone’s intestines most likely!

The poster continues the trend of minimalist advertising the studio has handled the movie with. No poster or promotional image has gone over-the-top, featuring a bevy of photo-shopped characters and explosions. The poster is sold with Hugh Jackman’s blood-shot, murderous eyes, which is all that’s needed. I feel like hanging this above my bed would make me more motivated in the morning.

LOGAN arrives claws-out March 3



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