Wolverine reshot?

UPDATE - Hugh Jackman himself wrote Ain't It Cool to help dispel some of the rumors below. Says Hugh: "I wanted to reach out and let you know that due to scheduling conflicts with certain cast members and location/weather considerations, we had to wait until now to shoot a couple of scenes. Please rest assured that WOLVERINE will be badass and hopefully meet all of your expectations." So there, negative nellies! Click here to head AICN to read more from Hugh as well as to see an exclusive new still from the film featuring Deadpool, Gambit, Sabretooth and Silver Fox!

I don't think it's a big secret that the original shoot for X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE was one that was plagued with issues. This big issue was reportedly that Fox was unhappy with what director Gavin Hood had been shooting. Further rumors said that Richard Donner (SUPERMAN) was on set to "help" Gavin along (though the flip side to that is that he was there because his wife, Laura, produced the X-MEN movies). Now though we get a report that there are "extensive" WOLVERINE reshoots about to take place in Vancouver. Normally every film, no matter how major or minor, would have a few days of pick-up shots built into their schedule after production. But Collider is reporting this is much more than just pick-up shots. They're sources are saying this is much bigger than that. The good news is that Hood is still in the director's chair and is controlling these reshoots (that's theoretically good news since we don't really know what's going on here). Fox claims this shoot was always planned to film specific weather conditions they couldn't get in Australia. What's more they apparently even considered bringing in some journalists to cover the reshoots (a strange move if they've got something to hide).

Look, I don't really care if they spend the next three months spending their newfound WATCHMEN money to throw a week-long kegger up in the woods of British Columbia. Just make me a good WOLVERINE movie. I've been waiting for this for a long time. For more on the story head to Collider to read the whole article.

Extra Tidbit: Is there still time to put Hugh Jackman in the Weapon X helmet?
Source: Collider



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