Wolvie sequel...

It's a move that was widely expected. Hugh Jackman has talked openly about his desire to take Wolverine to Japan for the next film. A coda at the end of X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE shows just that. And with the film opening successfully this past weekend, you knew Fox would begin developing a sequel. Now they officially are. Variety has confirmed that Jackman's production company and Fox are actively developing a sequel that would follow Wolverine's time spent in Japan.

While this could theoretically be awesome news, as Wolverine's time fighting ninjas and studying with the samurais is one of the best in his entire saga, it would presume that it be done correctly. Wolverine's origin story should have been a little easier to pull off and to date X-MEN ORIGINS only has a 36% approval rating. Not to mention the fact that ORIGINS had a hard time attracting a director and that was before all the rumors of Fox's interference with Gavin Hood.

The classic story of Wolverine in Japan, written best by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, would be infinitely more difficult to pull off as it's not a traditional superhero tale. But perhaps the fan feedback on ORIGINS will push Fox to bring in an A-list director and let them develop the story with Jackman. For now, I'd love to be excited about it but I can't quite bring myself to be.

Extra Tidbit: Claremont and Miller conceived of Wolverine's time in Japan on a drive back from the San Diego Comic-Con.
Source: Variety



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