Wonder Woman continues to crush box office expectations with new milestone

Late last month, we reported on the Patty Jenkins-directed solo female superhero stunner, WONDER WOMAN, exceeding box office expectations with over $600 million earned in worldwide receipts. Today, I'm happy to report that the film is continuing to dominate theaters all across the globe and is on track to becoming the highest-grossing film within the DCEU overall!

As of this past weekend, WONDER WOMAN has earned the most box office dollars of all the DCEU films, domestically speaking. The film everyone can't stop talking about grabbed up $2.685 million from Thursday screenings, which now brings Diana's solo adventure to a cumulative $330.533 million, securing the edge over BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. Now, with an additional $4.35 million added to its coffers from Friday screenings, WONDER WOMAN stands tall with $334.9 million beneath her enchanted boots.

For the moment, WONDER WOMAN has earned a total of $670.68 in worldwide receipts, surpassing the international numbers for MAN OF STEEL ($668.05 million) as well as the domestic total for David Ayer's Will Smith and Margot Robbie-led SUICIDE SQUAD ($325.1 million).

Well, well, well! Not too shabby for a film that was projected to earn less than any other DCEU big screen adventure, eh? With any luck, the success of WONDER WOMAN will prompt studios to take female superheroes more seriously from here on out, and we can perhaps expect films for characters like SPIDER-WOMAN, SQUIRREL GIRL, BLACK WIDOW, and ZATANNA down the line. 

WONDER WOMAN starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, and David Thewlis is still kicking ass in theaters right now. Go see it, bring some friends along, and have fun!  

Extra Tidbit: Ha ha ha! Hot Wheels once released a limited edition Invisible Jet (that wasn't really there).



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