Wonder Woman is the hero mankind deserves in new trailer

This has been week for WONDER WOMAN here at JoBlo, and on the rest of the internet, I guess. Our own Paul Shirey got to go to Merry ol’ England for an edit bay visit, published some neat goodies about it, and just yesterday we got a gorgeous new poster that may or may not make Toto’s “Africa” play in your head when you see it.  But to cap off an already revealing week we got the new epic, slam-bang trailer featuring Gal Gadot tearing down the patriarchy with a lasso and dope ass shield. Enjoy the good below!

This movie is looking like a pretty fun time at the movies and a great way to continue Gal Gadot's run as Wonder Woman. I think anyone who found the earlier DCEU movies to be a bit somber will see a lot of improvements here, while those who don't mind the serious tone can still appreciate the service to the character. Frankly, I could watch two hours of this even if it was only Gadot sliding around a room slicing shit.

WONDER WOMAN arrives June 2.

Source: Warner Bros.



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