Wonder Woman looks ready to cut a fool in new Justice League pic

If fans are worried, fear not, for we already know for sure one way in which JUSTICE LEAGUE will be better than BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: more Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). Much more Wonder Woman. Her energy was a welcome addition to the final battle in the latter film, and from the look of this new photo from the actress on Instagram we can expect to see much more of that battle-ready ferocity in the upcoming team-up flick.

It’s simple for sure, and doesn’t reveal much, but give me a Wonder Woman with sword and shield in hand any day, and I’ll show you a giddy man ready to watch her kick every ass in sight. Though we didn’t see her much in BVS I think her presence did liven things up a bit. Her upcoming solo movie looks like good fun, so hopefully she can bring a much needed spark to the DCEU’s slate. Gotta show these cape-wearing fools and over-powered lifeguards what's up.

WONDER WOMAN comes storming into theaters June 2, and we'll see her again in JUSTICE LEAGUE November 17.

Source: Instagram



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